1. Wedding dress too long at the front means bride cant walk properly
  2. Wedding cars can arrive early, its doesn't mean your’e running late, it just means they have allowed for traffic when getting to you. So please do not panic if you see them outside.
  3. Have you remembered the confetti
  4. Wear your shoes around the house to break them in, so on your day there comfortable, and remove the price labels from the shoes.
  5. Have you sorted the food out for bride at home day
  6. Lay out all bridesmaid dresses out including tights shoes socks jewellery etc so you can have a good nights sleep.
  7. Quick phone calls to everyone booked to confirm details.
  8. Remember to enjoy the day, it goes very quick, you have paid all this money to wedding vendors to let them stress and do there job, not you.
  9. Button hole flowers for the suits, with men its on the left side of there body not as you look at them with ladies its on the left side.
  10. Have you written a list of extra photos for your day that you want, that are special friends, or work friends etc.
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