1. Work out your time schedule for the day as a guide e.g. Hair 2.20 make up by 3pm photographer 3 till 4 etc
  2. Have you booked, Hairdresser, make up artist, nails, photographer, video, flowers, limos, venue, register, catering, drinks, DJ, mens suits, dress fitting, invitations, jewellery, dress fitting,shoes,
  3. Have you paid them all,
  4. Check the week before to see if everything is how you want it
  5. Do you want any special photos of anyone, make a list, e.g friends, mates from work aunty from abroad.
  6. Plasters for shoes, clips for hair, pins for flowers, confetti, garter.
  7. Food for bride at home guests and drinks
  8. Don't make the common mistake of getting ready for 1pm if your weddings at 1pm allow for travelling.
  9. The brides dress! If its to long at the front you cant walk properly, if its not fitted properly round the bust you will feel uncomfortable on the day.
  10. Enjoy your day its goes very quickly.
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